Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Blog Virgins!= Blirgins (?)

Hey Y'all (or for you Californians, Hey),

Welcome to our Blog! This Blog, appropriately titled "Tacos with Kimchi," is the brainchild of two fabulous, intelligent, supafly Georgetown students, Jenni Ortiz (Tacos) and Sooji Kim(chi).

Hey! That's us!

Yes, Sooji. That is us. Anyway, we created this blog to discuss all sorts of issues.

Yup! For example, the first topic will be.... (Drumroll please) Texas v. California!!

Actually Sooji, I think it should be titled California v. Texas. We all know who the winner is here..the best in the West...CALIFORNIA!

Ha! You are a funny one. Hearing that makes me chuckle... in embarrassment. Obviously, TEXAS is numero uno. :)

Don't whip out the Spanish on me, chica. We have just as many Hispanics in California (jk we have more) than you do in Tejas.

Well, this debate could go on literally forever, so we want your input! DING! The great TEXAS v. california debate begins!

Um...the great CALIFORNIA (Golden State, place of miracles, promised land) v. texas (place of.........) begins. You guys choose either one, but we want evidence to back it up. No "It's great because that's where I live" comments allowed. Be Creative!

Yeehaw! Let's go!

Tacos with Kimchi


  1. California is Texas' pimp. CA's got Hollywood, the Hyphy Movement, and the final resting place of American hero, Richard Nixon.

  2. Agreed. California clearly has everything Texas wishes it could have, but never educated people and the abolishment of slavery. (haha jk...not really)