Wednesday, December 9, 2009

About Kimchi!

Sorry it's taken so long to put a post up. I know all of you have been waiting eagerly. ;) HA!

Anyways, here's my about me!

1. I have no middle name, although I have had several attributed to me. Here are some:
Pick your favorite!

TWO. I go to Georgetown University in DC. :) It's awesome. I love it.

Tres. But I'm originally from good ole' Texas!
Or I guess I'm technically from Seoul...
But either way, I am a proud Asian Texan!

Quatre. I LOVE LOVE LOVE fashion! Would you guys mind if I changed this into a fashion blog? I think that'd be fabulous.

다섯. On that notes, I have a dress fetish. I simply adore cute little dresses.

6. I am a champion sleeper. I can sleep anytime, anywhere, for any length of time.

Lucky Number Seven. I am in love with Penn Badgley.

Ocho. The Amazing Race is the best show in the world.

Neun. I'm a sucker for sunny, blue skies.

Perfect 10! I have a sweet tooth, especially for milk chocolate.

열하나. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is my idol.

Doce. My dream is to become a Supreme Court Justice. Yes, I know. It's the nerdiest dream of all time.

Unlucky Thirteen. I love to laugh. I laugh at everything.

14. I think I may have an eating disorder. I eat too much.

Numero Quince: I am a Christmas fanatic. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!

Anyways, both Tacos and I ADORE getting comments and followers! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE comment on this post or follow our blog! We would greatly appreciate it.

Merry Christmas everyone!

XOXO Kimchi


  1. Nice incorporation of different languages tard. I bet you learned nothing in CPS today.

  2. Sooji, you're such a nerd lol.